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Comic Book Review – The Legend of Wonder Woman #1 (issue)

In Book Reviews by Nya16 Comments

As you could probably guess by the name, the series is a take on Diana’s origin story (and one of the multiple Wonder Woman origins currently being released). It has been written and drawn by Renae de Liz, and inked by her husband Ray Dillon; and in my humble personal opinion, the involvement of a female artist has contributed very positively to a deeper, more empathetic reinterpretation of the character of Diana (and her world).

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Writing Diaries #3

In Writing by Nya9 Comments

And NaNoWrimo is almost here – is anyone else feeling anxious? So it’s time for my Writing Diaries #3. This might be the last one that mentions any preparation & research, as I want to focus on writing only as soon as November starts. Also, I am going to talk about my map today, so just keep reading, yea’?

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Writing Diaries #2

In Writing by Nya11 Comments

Welcome to my Writing Diaries #2, fellow writers and readers! This one is a bit long, so bear with me. Today’s post will include my inspiration sources, my novel cover REVEAL (what?) & title, and thoughts about research and outlining.

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