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Tuesday Talks #7 – Books With Wasted Potential

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I haven’t participated in a Tuesday Talks for a while, but here’s my chance to make it up. This week’s topic: Have you read a book where you feel the Author missed the opportunity to write something more interesting? ‘Tuesday Talks’ has been started by Janie @Goodreads. And you too can join here.

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Book Haul August 2016

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August was a pretty busy month, so much work (and so much play too). As always, I haven’t read nearly as much as I wanted to. And, as always, that didn’t stop me from buying new books. Surprisingly enough, I’ve managed to keep my purchases to a minimum.

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Why Authors Shouldn’t Pay for Book Reviews

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Whether you are an indie or published author, you know by now how important reviews are. Genuine ones. It might be tempting at some point to pay for someone to write a flawlessly positive review of your book. In these times of self-doubt, what you should do is think for a while, and remember what made you start writing in …

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Review of Nevernight – Jay Kristoff

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This is a review of an advanced reader copy which has been provided by NetGalley (thanks NetGalley and the publisher) before the official release of the book. Please note that things might have changed since the book has been officially released.

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Book Haul July 2016

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July, the month of my birthday, has gone really fast. So here I am, one year older, and with many new books. As always, I will leave all the comics stuff to my blog with Fenrile, and will be displaying here only books and occasionally volumes and graphic novels.