Cinderella Has Cellulite: And Other Musings from A Last Wife – Donna Arp Weitzman

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cinderella has celluliteOkay, lover girl. Your new man has you startled, staggered, and swept off your feet. Now what? You know who you are. The store clerk caught you scooping up beauty tips and slipping Cosmo magazines under the milk and potatoes in your grocery cart. And you are busy checking in at yoga studios to tighten your arm muscles and buttocks, announcing, ”He may be the one” to anyone who will listen. Where is this going? Down the aisle or down in flames? Cinderella Has Cellulite offers a welcome and realistic look at relationships when Prince Charming suddenly walks into your life. Wild satire abounds in this hilarious, off-the-wall take on his friends, your friends, his ex, the in-laws, and everything in between. A must read for last wives and women everywhere!

‘Cinderella Has Cellulite’ is an insight on relationships & marriage (specifically from the POV of a ‘Last Wife’) and intends to be funny. It classifies as a satire due to the type of humour used.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like this book or found it especially entertaining. I am giving it almost two stars for the following things (two) I have particularly liked: The quirky title and the writing style of the author regardless of the content.
With that being said, I do think the author has great potential and I could imagine myself enjoying maybe a slightly different type of book written by her: One with a plot.

Not being a ‘Last Wife’ myself, I was disappointed that the facts described in the book were very general. I was also expecting a few entertaining / funny stories rather than only satirical advice. All that was described might actually be realistic and highly relatable for some; however I wanted to learn something new, see a different perspective. I finished the book with the feeling that all was pretty much common sense and nothing surprised me.

A free copy of this book was offered to me in exchange for an honest review. The notes above simply reflect my personal opinion and despite it not being positive, I am mostly certain that others will enjoy this book, particularly those who are looking for a short and easy read.

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  1. “I didn’t like this book or found it especially entertaining” same here, I was quite disappointed with the last part

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