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TBR Thursday #7

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Busy week but I have managed to finish the following:


Very instructive indeed! 🙂 Particularly because of the book ‘How To Write Science Fiction & Fantasy’ I have now another extensive TBR list of books to read or reread. It’d be interesting to know how I’d feel about books that I’ve read when I was younger ( I didn’t really keep track / reviews).

Now, I am even scared to look at my TBR now, so I will give you my immediate TBR (ASAP TBR):


Almost finished:

And I got this one from the author via Twitter, so I want to finish this one too:

And that’s all for today!


  1. I’ve read How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy, too! I found it very instructive. However, I have not read the Elements of Style yet, and it has sat for awhile on my To Be Read list. Nice TBR 🙂

    1. Elements of Style, it’s classic advice to write clearly. But I’d take it all with a grain of salt when writing fiction. How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy was both entertaining and educational; unfortunately, it made my TBR longer 🙂

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