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TBR Thursday #8

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And it’s that day of the week again: Thursday!

I can’t believe my TBR list keeps growing, looks like I am trying to make up for years of unproductivity! Busy days ahead, I am sure.

Let’s start with the easy part, what has actually been read:


Not only read, but reviews for the books above have also been posted! How cool is that?

DNF (Sorry!):

NetGalley TBR:


I really, really, really want to read this, so I will put this on top of my TBR, because I can:

Currently Reading (Anthologies, Magazines & Short Stories):


New on TBR:

Freebies or Offered:


And bought those because I can (or were on offer!):


Somehow, now that I am sharing this, it seems more achievable. Yes, I can do it!


  1. What an organized TBR list and love how you have everything broken down! The Winter Crown sounds really interesting, I’ll have to add it to my wish list.

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