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Tuesday Talks #2 – Do you use other book sites besides Goodreads?

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I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, and I hope you are all enjoying your holidays if that’s the case. Well, it’s Tuesday and time for yet another ‘Tuesday Talks’. The topic for this week is “Do you use other book sites besides Goodreads?”

‘Tuesday Talks’ has been started by Janie @Goodreads. And you too, can join here.

Do you use other book sites besides Goodreads?

And the answer is Yes, I do.

Well, besides using Goodreads to keep track of my books and reviews, I am also on BookLikes, which is a kind of Goodreads + blog all in one. It’s a great community and it’s very easy to interact with other readers. People there are very responsive and interact promptly! I use BookLikes mostly for the people, and my reviews are posted there as well. However, I also use it sometimes to post quick thoughts or updates on a progress of a book – and for that, Twitter too.

Then, of course, I have this blog, which I love very much. Unlike BookLikes, I have complete freedom over the look and feel of my blog. I only publish longer posts here, I also promote new authors and host giveaways once in a while. There have been some author interviews, and I promise there will be even more next year. I also write about my writing journey here.

And speaking of writing, I am also part of the following communities – which are targeted for writers and not so much for readers: Scribophile (critiquing community) and RoughWriters (support community).

How about you, which other websites do you use?


  1. I don’t use other websites besides Goodreads because it has everything I need (except for rating with half stars, of course!) and I also am finding it a bit hard to manage already so I don’t think I can manage two accounts in two different websites.

  2. I jettisoned Goodreads not that long ago after it became commercial overload and less quality interaction. I only use Booklikes now, and I follow a handful of blogs from people I know there, including you. No regrets!

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