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Who is Nya? TAG: Get to know me

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Have you noticed I haven’t done a tag in a while? Which is a shame because I used to have so much fun doing these, and in the end, that’s what blogging is all about, having fun. I have found this one via Wonderless Reviews (who you should absolutely follow, by the way). I admit this tag will be a bit self-centered, but I hope you will still enjoy reading all these interesting (or useless) facts about me. Get to know the blogger, the reader, and the writer behind Nya Reads.

Vital Stats

wonder woman


Name: Ana (very common in Portugal)
Nicknames: Nya, as you might have noticed it already.
Birthday: July 15th (I am a cancer!)
Occupation: UX Designer (if you secretly want to ask what is it that I actually do, don’t feel bad, you are not the only one)



Hair color: Dark brown
Hair length: Medium/Long
Eye colour: Hazel
Best Feature: It is no secret that I love my eyes
Piercings: None
Tattoos: None, but planning to do one very soon, I promise you that I will be posting pictures of it when it happens.
Right or Left: Right



Best Friend: This geeky girl in school who introduced me to Final Fantasy VII. I used to go to her house after school every day to play video games.
Award: Sorry, I am doing my best to recall what could possibly have been the first one, but I can’t remember. I was the best in my class (not to brag) so I am sure I’ve had a few.
Sport: It was swimming, I used to do it twice per week when I was in school.
Real Holiday: First time I have been on holiday was to Spain with my parents, I think I was about 6. Oooh, happy times.
Concert: First concert, probably that one of U2 when my friend dragged me…



Film: I knew I’d hate this section! It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite movie. There are just too many that I like! But here’s a few I have enjoyed: Interstellar, The Imitation Game, Match Point, Sliding Doors.
interstellar movie
TV Show: I have a favorite actually. Vikings!
Colour: Pink.
Song: There is no way I can answer this one. So I will just include here one of the many songs I like.

Restaurant: I really like these American Diner style restaurants that serve yummy milkshakes, don’t judge me.
Shop: Paperchase.
Books: That’s such a cruel question, so let’s just pick my last favorite, it is not a recent book but nevertheless, an amazing one: Wild Seed.



Feeling: Madly in love
Single or Taken: Taken. Forever! By the way, shameless self promo moment, we also blog together, so go visit us here, and we will love you forever – but not too much, because there has to be spare love left to spend on each other.
Eating: More ice cream than I should.
Thinking About: How I can’t wait for my next weekend with him.
Watching: YouTube videos.
Wearing: Plain tee and jeans (boring).



Want Children: Maybe yes, maybe not.
Want to be Married: I never wanted to marry, and I mean, never. Was never in my plans, left my home country for my career, never felt I was the type of girl who would marry and have kids. Now for the first time in my life, I feel I truly connect to someone, and even though marriage is not a requirement and it won’t change my feelings, I’d very much love to be linked to him in any possible way.
Careers in Mind: I won’t be changing my career any time soon. I want to keep improving my UX Design skills and keep progressing in my career.
Where You Want To Live: I’ve had enough of moving, thank you very much. I am happy here, but will be happier when he moves as well.


Do you Believe …

God: No.
Miracles: They do happen.
Love at First Sight: I wouldn’t say at first sight, no. But there are many things that you know from a very early stage, so trust your gut!
Ghosts: I am extremely skeptical.
Aliens: Yes. The Universe is too big.
Soul Mates: Yes, I found mine. So are you ready for a truly cheesy moment? Here it goes. I have always been an independent, somewhat emotionally distant person. I have always thought this was part of my personality, thought it would never change. Some people did tell me that one day I would find ‘the one’ and I would think differently (no, I didn’t believe that). Do not get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of relationships, I simply never felt truly connected to someone. My attitude towards relationships was each of us keeping own hobbies and interests separately, have a healthy communication and common goals, and then ‘let’s see where this goes’. So many times I felt pressured and frustrated about settling but not having the will to, the feeling I felt better on my own. At some point, I gave up, I have come to the conclusion that if I felt better being on my own, then why wasting time with people that meant very little to me? If I was meant to be single for life, then I’d be absolutely fine with it. I’ve never thought I’d ever feel what I feel now for the person I am currently with. No, I am just not saying this because I know he is going to read this (which is also the first one who even knows I blog), but I am saying this because this is true. When I met him, I just knew it. I never knew it before. I’ve never said before (my friends can confirm) that ‘I just knew it’. I have never connected to someone before the way I have connected to him. Ok, and now I am going to shut up.
Heaven: No, so I make the most of my life here on Earth.
Hell: Hell on Earth.
Kissing on the First Date: Yes; if it feels right, then it is right.
Yourself: Most of the time, definitely need some motivation and extra support once in a while.


Congratulations, you have reached the end (I wonder how hard was that). I hope you have enjoyed to read more about the person behind the blog, and if you have any questions feel free to shoot.

Also, I would love to know more about all the bloggers behind the blogs, so consider yourself automatically tagged, and be sure to link me to your post if you decide to do it, I’d be more than happy to read and comment.


  1. I love this post. It’s always nice to get to know the person behind the articles. I feel the same about having to name favourite movies, books or music. We recently wrote an article about our favourite movie quotes. I had to stop at 20, but I could have gone on for hours I think lol. Same with music and books.

    1. Author

      Aww thank you so much! I am the luckiest ever:) UX is about User experience, I design / improve web experiences that improve usability, basically.

  2. Enjoyed this kind of posts as I really love reading about other people! I feel the sam way when somebody ask me what is my favorite mouvie, book or song.

    1. Author

      It’s User Experience Design but it’s a bit difficult to go into much detail in a single comment. Well, I’d rather keep my age as a mystery haha. Thanks, he is super cool indeed 🙂

  3. This is an amazing way to get to know someone. I loved reading every piece of this post. You and your partner look absolutely lovely. I have to say we share some favorite movies, nice choice 🙂

    1. Author

      It is, I love tags 🙂 Aww, thank you so much! He’ll be happy to read this as well haha. Good taste on movies then.

  4. Nop, we are not game developer, but we do love playing those ! By the way Ana, do you mind adding me to the group ? It's been some weeks now haha

  5. The Imitation Game is a fantastic film, Benedict Cumberbatch played the character of Alan Turing fantastically. Aren't you a game developer with your boyfriend? Corect me if I am wrong!

  6. I checked out your guys’ blog, love me forever, pls? Haha 🙂
    I loved this post, I felt really happy reading it, it gave me positive vibes. Thank you 🙂

    1. Author

      Hahah, well, what can I say, he consumes so much of my love nowadays. Thank you sooo much for checking our blog out, it meant a lot to us.

    1. Author

      Aww Thanks so much! And thanks so much for the tag, I had so much fun doing it:) I have tried to keep it as less ‘cheesy’ as possible but couldn’t help it haha.

  7. What can I say ? I'd read and listen to everything about you, I will never have enough. You are the most amazing and interesting person I've ever met. Yes, of course I would be reading this, because I'm deeply interested about everything you do. Very proud of everything you have achieved and planed to. I can't describe how this touched me. You know this is how we both exactly feel for each more. I will forever be thankful that the most wonderful person that you are stepped into my life, and I will forever be thankful for everything you have done for me and that you will always do. For the very first time there is an incredible and powerful light in my life making me feel that everything is possible. You are this light, and life isn't worth living without you. You are absolutely everything I've ever wished and dreamt for. You are the love of my life. My soul mate. And soon to be my wife. I will forever love you.

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