How to Make Extra Money Renting Equipment

If you enjoy being around technology, there are many opportunities for you to make extra money renting equipment. The most popular items to rent include camera equipment, projectors, lighting, and audio equipment. If you enjoy using the latest gadgets, you can rent them out for a good amount of money. You can also rent out scooters. These opportunities are endless! Just think of the variety of money you could make! You could even become a model!

Become an extra on a TV show or movie

Become an extra on a TV show, film, or commercial to earn money. Although it may not seem like a lucrative job, many producers will hire extras based on their looks. While extras work on set for as little as a few hours each day, the pay is substantial. Filming takes six to fourteen hours. Make sure to bring some food and water as well as some form of entertainment. In addition to being paid, you can also network with fellow extras.

Become a food delivery driver

If you are looking for a job that pays well and offers a great customer service experience, then becoming a food delivery driver may be the perfect fit. The job demands that you have good driving record and be physically fit to lift heavy food boxes. DoorDash, one of the most popular food delivery services, offers opportunities throughout various cities. Drivers can use their own car or rent one. The company will pay them per delivery.

Take surveys

There are several legitimate ways to earn extra money by taking surveys. One of these methods involves completing a profile for each survey site. To get the most out of this method, you should fill out a profile that is representative of your demographic. Some survey sites prefer people who fit into specific demographics, while others are open to all types of demographics. A legitimate survey site will not ask you for your banking information, so you can withdraw your payment through PayPal, gift cards, or mail.

Become a model

The modelling industry is full of fake scouts and photographers. As a result, it is essential for wannabe models to do their research before signing up with an agency. Some agencies may have unrealistic client lists and require that models submit ridiculously expensive photos. Therefore, prospective models should do some research to ensure they are dealing with an reputable agency. One resource that will give you advice on the modelling industry is the Association of Model Agents, which monitors the industry and enforces a code of practice.

Become a guinea pig

Become a guinea hog to earn extra cash is a great way to supplement your income while working at home. There are many studies available for guinea pigs. The pay for participating in a study depends on the study, but you could earn hundreds to thousands of dollars per study. You can also participate in a variety of studies that require you to take part in an MRI machine.